For MD 500 Series Helicopters
  FAA STC No, SH3339NM

Similar to the MD 500, the 3700-110 Innovator II has external side-mounted
fiberglass aerodynamic tanks. This system allows pilots control of flow, pumps,
boom valve, and emergency dump.

System Components

  • Tank Assembly: External side-mounted fiberglass aerodynamic tanks. Tank attaches with quick-release pins for fast and easy installation.
  • Pump: Electric motor driven, flow: 100 GPM at 30 PSI.
  • Boom Valve/Flow Control: Boom valve puts negative pressure on boom in OFF position, Flow Control allows in flight boom pressure adjustments.
  • Cyclic Control: Allows pilot control of pumps, boom valve, emergency dump and flow control.
  • Boom Assembly: Outboard booms can be rotated for desired nozzle position.
3700-110 Innovator II
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Net Weight 136 lbs.
System Capacity 110 gallons
Boom Span 29 feet
Swath 40-60 feet
Air Speed VNE 124 MPH
Power Requirements 28 VDC
Amperage Draw 90 amps
Nozzles 56 total