For Hughes Model 500 Series Helicopters

This hard mount, light-weight broadcaster for Hughes model 500 series
helicopters features external mounted fiberglass side tanks, level sensors
with cockpit display, and micro-adjustable metering to allow accurate
and infinite flow rates.

System Components

  • Tank Assembly: External mounted fiberglass side tanks mounted to aircraft hard-points and cargo hook attachments with large loading ports. Uses quick-disconnect pins for easy removal/installation.
  • Level Sensors: Sensor inside tank with cockpit display.
  • Metering Gate: Micro-adjustable metering allows accurate and infinite flow rates.
  • Cyclic Control: Provides cockpit control and readout  of tank levels, gate position and operating status. Pilot has control of individual  hoppers or both simultaneously.
4500-500 Braodcaster
4500-500 Braodcaster
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SpecificationsRecommended for McDonnell Douglas (Hughes)
500 C, D, E, F, FF and N Helicopters

Net Weight 198 lbs.
Gross Weight 1200 lbs.
System Capacity 20 cu ft.
Flow Rate 1 to 150 lbs/acre
Maximum Payload (per tank) 400 lbs.
Amperage Draw 95 amps
Power Requirements 24VDC
VNE 80 knots