Founded in the early 1980′s by Bob Mosmeier, Isolair, Inc. was created to satisfy customers’ needs for helicopter equipment superior to those that were found on the market. After retiring from the Air Force, Mr. Mosmeier worked for Simplex Manufacturing until he broke away and founded Isolair, Inc. In 1998, current owner Michael Powell purchased the company, and Isolair, Inc. has continued to see consistent growth. Michael and his wife Terry have guided Isolair, Inc. to sales that are in the millions of dollars yearly. With the increasing reliance upon helicopters throughout the world, Isolair, Inc. is well positioned to propel the helicopter application industry throughout the next decade, and beyond, with one goal in mind: design and manufacture equipment to fulfill the customer’s needs.

Isolair, Inc. has been manufacturing quality helicopter systems for the fire fighting, agricultural, and forest industry for the past 40 years. With a broad line of certified and custom helicopter equipment, Isolair, Inc. has the system to fit your company’s needs. From agricultural spray systems, to seeders, torches, buckets, forestry grapples and fire-fighting equipment, Isolair, Inc. can do it all!


We go to great lengths to serve our customers!!