4600-212/412 ELIMINATOR II

For Bell Model 212/412 Helicopters

This fire-rescue Bell helicopter requires a medium-lift capacity fire-fighting
tank system. This belly-mounted tank is equipped with quick-release
pins for fast and easy installation.

System Components

  • Tank Assembly: External belly-mounted fiberglass and aluminum tank mounted to external hardpoints. Tank attaches with quick-release pins for fast and easy installation.
  • Refill Pump: Electrically driven, with in-flight pump and hose assembly emergency release capability.
  • Dump Doors: Electrically actuated, hydraulically operated. Fail safe system; doors will open with the loss of electrical power. Door selection switch allows for separate operations of  each door for longer drops.
  • Cyclic Control: Allows pilot to control loading, mixing, dump volume and drop length.
4600-212-412 Eliminator II
4600-212-412 Eliminator II
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Net Weight 416 lbs.
Gross Weight 3342 lbs.
System Capacity 350 gallons
Chemical Capacity 27.2 gallons
Amperage Draw (refill) 90 amps
Power Requirements 24VDC
Hover Fill Rate (max) 270 GPM
Hover File Time(probe submerged) 55-75 secs.
VNE (water drop) 70 knots
VNE (tank empty, pump stored) 110 knots