For Cargo Hook Equipment Helicopters

This Forest Service and DOT approved assembly for cargo hook equipped
helicopters is ideal for controlling burning. Its electric pump eliminates belts
and pulleys, and it features an easy-fill single point valved port.

System Components

  • Electric Pump: Eliminates belts and pulleys.
  • Easy Fill: Single point, valved fill port.
  • Safety and Control: Anti-drip nozzle and positive ignition.
  • Low Weight: 130 pounds net weight allows for a higher payload.
  • Igniter Assembly: Positive ignitions for trouble free spark.
  • Tank Assembly: One piece all aluminum tank, with two 8″ vented fill ports for easy fill and cleanup.
3800 Firefly II
3800 Firefly II
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Net Weight (55 gallons) 120 lbs.
Gross Weight (55 gallons) 520 lbs.
Net Weight (70 gallons) 130 lbs.
Gross Weight (70 gallons) 609 lbs.
Access Cover 2x 0 8″
Tank Assembly Height 30″
Tank Assembly Length 60″
Power Requirements 28VDC